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Shaadi Step-by-Step: 9 Tips For Any Dulhan-To-Be!

Hello Dulhans!

I have to admit, I wasn’t one of those girls who had planned out her entire wedding by the age of 8 but I did know that I wished to be married someday and have a handsome husband like Aamir Khan. Watching one too many Bollywood movies only fueled my somewhat unrealistic ideas about relationships, love, and marriage. However, as I grew up, I became quite cynical about finding my ‘soul mate’ as I began meeting different guys who I had no interest in dating. Then, my life changed completely when I met my fiancee, and as cliched as it may sound, I DID meet him when I least expected it.  He truly is all I wanted…and more! I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details of how we met, but I’m sure you heard of many ‘couple stories,’ and you might even have a romantic story of your own!

As you probably already know, I’ve finally set my wedding date so the planning has officially begun!  My fiancee and I have been engaged for a while now, and we’re extremely excited that we’re finally getting married!

As much as I’d like to think that my marriage is only between my fiancee and I, the reality is that it is also a marriage between our families. You learn to form new relationships, and love and respect your partner’s family as your own.

Since I’ve been very busy, my parents have volunteered to take care of the majority of the planning and all of the finances, and I’m so thankful! So far, the process has not been too overwhelming. Although my parents have a few of their own ideas while planning, they also want to hear my thoughts and opinions on how I want my wedding to be. Sometimes it can difficult convincing my parents to take a slightly modern approach when it comes to things like choosing wedding favors, wedding invitations, and even when considering having a non-desi wedding photographer!

Ultimately, my parents are making a large investment, and I want them to be happy with the wedding plans! My mom and I have always had a close relationship, and she has known my taste when it comes to pretty much everything — clothes, shoes, handbags, wedding decor, and yes, even MEN! Although I haven’t been actively planning my wedding 24/7, it’s always on my mind.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not very far in the planning process, but here are a few points that I think you might find helpful:

Sometimes it can be extremely easy, and other times…not so much.  You learn make minor adjustments in your life, while not compromising your own happiness!

1) Stay Organized -  Remember to make lists, charts, Excel spreadsheets, or even Google Templates to help you organize everything pertaining to your wedding/wedding plans. There are some really great resources you can use for inspiration/planning so be sure to check out my blog. Use online wedding resources like WeddingWire.com for example.

2) TrialsTastings – Always remember to book your trials and tastings as far in advance as possible. Here are a few I can think of — hair & makeup, mehendi, food tasting, and cake tasting.  You can even manage to book a listening session with your DJ or live musicians before booking them. You want to make sure that you are pleased with what your vendors have to offer when it comes to their products and/or services. After all, you do not want any surprises on your wedding day, except for the good ones!

3) Have A Vision – I’m sure many of you ladies have folders of wedding inspiration (i.e. cakes, lehengas, mehendi, decor) and many favorite websites. However, it is important to create a vision of how you want your wedding to be and decide on a theme or color scheme at the very least. If you choose a wedding decorator who can understand your vision, they will be able to better assist you with their creativity and make your dream a reality!

4) Relax – Schedule a relaxing Spa Day with your fiancee or your girlfriends to get away from the craziness of wedding planning for a bit.

5) Negotiate with Vendors – In this economy, many vendors will be willing to give you a really good deal depending on when you are having your wedding. Try to use local vendors who tend to be more reliable in case an emergency arises and your out-of-town vendors aren’t able to travel to your venue. It also tends to be significantly cheaper when you don’t have to worry about transportation and accommodation for your vendors.

6) Venue – While deciding on a wedding/reception venue, you may want to consider it’s proximity to the airport for your guests arriving from out-of-town. Also, take a look at The Ultimate List of Venue Questions for questions to ask once you’ve narrowed down your venue options.

7) Book Honeymoon in Advance – Depending on how early you know your schedule, you can choose a honeymoon destination and start planning. I would imagine that you can get great deals for booking in advance too. Be sure to do your research on the weather, location, sightseeing, local culture, food (if you have any dietary restrictions), and entertainment. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of perks everywhere as a newlywed couple! Oh yes…and don’t forget your PASSPORT!

8) Photography & Video – If you can’t have both, choose to splurge on the one you find more important. Either way, make sure you look at the portfolios/work of the photographers/videographers to see if they have a creative style that you like. If you plan on using a non-desi photographer, make sure you can explain your ceremony. You might want to have a detailed schedule/plan for them far in advance so they are aware of the most important footage when it comes to capturing certain rituals and every emotion!

9) Wedding website – Whether you decide to use a free or paid wedsite, this is a MUST. It’s a fun way for the bride and groom to interact with the guests, share important information about the wedding events, and accommodation information for out-of-town guests. Depending on which wedsite you choose, you can add your own fun applications to keep your guests involved as plans continue to progress.

Good luck with planning this wonderful day for yourself, ladies!